We are proud to be a fully UAE-born and bred brand and love to support other similar local businesses by creating innovative and original collaborations.

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Streetery Hat Yai Fried Chicken Special

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Hat Yai Fried Chicken

The elephant herd has come to Streetery for 1 month only to warm you up during the cooler winter weather!

We have paired our Indonesian Tomato Sambal with Streetery's crispy Hat Yai fried chicken!

Served with roti and a side of warm coconut sticky rice, this absolutely fire special collab is available throughout January 2022 for both dine-in and delivery at Streetery, JLT, Dubai.

Pickl Morning Lineker Burger

The Morning Lineker Burger

In August 2021, we launched our special collaboration, "The Morning Lineker", with award-winning local burger brand Pickl.

A great breakfast burger featuring Chicken Sausage Patty, American Cheese, Fried Egg, Hash Brown and Beef Bacon, topped with HP Sauce and our Vietnamese Chilli Sauce blended with mayonnaise.

Paying tribute to the legendary British Icon, Gary Lineker.

Available for dine-in only at all Pickl outlets until 6pm until 4th September 2021.

Umakara Pepper

Maru Udon logo
Umakara Pepper

In August 2021, we launched our brand new collaboration with Dubai's leading fresh udon noodle restaurant, Maru Udon.

A permanent menu item, "Umakara Pepper" consists of Tantan beef with fresh udon noodles topped with our Chinese Chilli Oil and is available at all Maru Udon locations.

Do you know what 'umakara' means? The 'uma' comes from 'umami', or savoury taste, and 'kara' from 'karai', the Japanese word for 'spicy'. 

The Bull & Elephant Vietnamese-style Sausages

In February 2021, we launched our special Vietnamese-style collaboration sausages with Dubai's leading supplier of high quality British meats, The British Butcher Shop.

The British Butcher Shop's best selling Banger sausages with the addition of our Vietnamese Chilli Sauce & some extra Ginger!

Each pack contains 5 to 6 sausages (approx. 400g). Available at British Butcher Shop & Deli outlets.