Spicy Potato Wedges

Spicy Potato Wedges

A classic Australian café, pub and bar snack of potato wedges with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream.

We’ve spiced this dish up and served it alongside our Vietnamese Chilli Mayo - it literally goes with almost anything!! These nibbles are a crowd favourite on an evening out, and the small, crispy ones are always the ones eaten first! Perfect wedges and dips to accompany your burger for lunch or dinner.


  • 1 x bag 750 grams frozen McCain Potato Wedges
  • 1 x 200 grams tub Sour Cream
  • Sweet Chilli Sauce
  • Mayonnaise
  • Vietnamese Chilli Sauce


  1. Preheat your Air fryer for 3 minutes on 200 degrees Celsius
  2. Cook for 12 minutes on 200 degrees Celsius
  3. Mix a generous serving of Mayonnaise and our Vietnamese Chilli Sauce together and serve in one small serving dish
  4. Spoon the full 200 grams tub of Sour Cream in a small serving dish and add Sweet Chilli Sauce on top
  5. Serve as a side with burgers or just by itself

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