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I cooked it exactly as recommended - in a pan to crisp off the base first, and it was delicious. I certainly recommend this product.

Full of flavour

Addicted to the Vietnamese chilli sauce, it is full of flavour. We recently tried the vegan version too and love it!

Great flavor, best chili oil out there

This is the most genuine and flavourful chili oil we’ve ever tried.

Never fails!

Always stocked in our freezer for a snack, a starter or a meal!!

Great Dumplings

Great Dumplings! High quality products, Gourmet level :)

Fantastic Christmas gift!

Love this collection so much, I'm gifting it to friends for Christmas! So versatile and great in any dish, takes it to the next level.


Tried it. Loved it. Obsessed with it. Cannot survive without it. This is incredible could write an essay about how good this sh*t is . u can put it on so many things it is truly incredible. in a Pakistani household there's not much more flavor you can add but this elevates your dish. I put this on eggs, noodles and dumplings, and many more. Once you go to curious elephant you never go back.

Amazing products

Really delicious products, we use them in absolutely everything! Speedy delivery too.

Chilli Trio Pack
Samantha Cook

My favourite in order
1. Chilli sauce
2. Chilli oil
3. Sambal
I always buy all of them. They are all delicious and work different in different dishes. They transform any bland dish into a palette delight 🐘

Chilli Trio Pack
Maitha Almheiri

I got the trio and I can't believe how amazing each one of them is!! The chilli sauce is probably my favourite! I haven't used the chilli oil that much, but I've been spreading the chilli sauce on bread and making a spicy chilli grilled cheese sandwich almost everyday! I can't get enough!

Chilli Trio Pack
Jean Pereira
Loyal fans forever!

All the chilli sauces complete any Asian meal. Cooking 1 meal for my family including my son, I got to keep the spice levels to a minimum.. but with these sauces, everyone's a happy camper! Thanks a ton Mel. ❤️

Chilli Trio Pack
Nebras Arnous

Me and my son are obsessed with the Chilli sauce from the first time we tried at Ripe market. The flavour completes each meal 🤤🤤❤️.

Chicken prawn

Absolutely delicious.


Good but slight aftertaste.

Gives me life!

After sampling multiple chilli oils and discovering this gem. I've been a repeat customer for the past couple years. The flavors and quality of the ingredients makes this one far superior to any other I've tasted. Be it on my avo/toast, to my home made sauces (it blends so well) or just about any dish that I want to dial up the spice on - this is a constant!

A Gentle Elephant with the Wisdom of a stick of Dynamite …

Depth, strength and roundness, with the maturity of a century old recipe. Its easy to have punch, but punch with amazing taste is rare. This chili oil is rare … and carries the punch of a mule !

Tastes great

Wow, this chilli oil is great. I love putting it in my eggs and using is as a dipping snack. It has the perfect kick that’s not lingering which is great!

A dish on its own!

For someone who is usually averse to anything hot or spicy, I gobbled this right up in the dipping sauce I made to go for the dumplings. It’s not just heat either, it packs a flavourful punch and teases your palate just enough to remind you what it really is!

Very tasty!

We airfried these with a bit of olive oil and they turned out pretty good. Crunchy outside but soft and flavourful inside. Topped off with the Chinese chili oil and lime juice and soy sauce!

Excellent. So easy to prepare when needed. Delicious

Excellent dumplings - so easy to prepare when needed. We loved it. Keep it up

My new Fav😍♥️

My first time getting them and I don’t think it’s my last 😍😍😍

Chilli Trio Pack
Sofiya Alakraby
The best chili oils in town 😍

I’ve been a huge supporter/ fan of curious elephants chili oils since 2021 and can’t get enough of them ♥️the flavors are amazing and making my food taste better ♥️

Best Chili Oil in Dubai!!

This is the best chlli oil in Dubai, and it goes with everything. Our family loves it so much.
My brother and I have moved overseas for our studies and work, but my parents still live in Dubai; we always order a couple of cilli oils to take with us because there is nothing like it where we live now (Madrid and Boston). I'm even bringing an extra one for my friend at university because she also love piling it on top of everything!


Loved it from the first time I tried it! Goes with everything