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So amazing!

Love these - so wholesome! Always have them in my freezer now for quick meal options :)

Unbelievably Delicious!

As someone that usually prefers chicken to veg dumplings, this was seriously SO good!
A staple in my freezer now :)

Dumpling Lovers Bundle
Hein van Tonder

Delicious and will order again.

Simply the BEST

I have been using the Curious Elephant sauces now for a number of years and I must say, they are just the best! Being a big fan of spicy foods, I use these sauces on almost everything. One of my favorite snacks is a peanut butter sandwich with Chili Oil. Cannot beat it :-)
Highly recommended.

Amazing chilli sauce

We have tried so many sauces and this is our absolute favourite. We always have a spare in the cupboard and my kids take a jar to school with them. It’s got a bold and complex Vietnamese flavor of lemongrass and garlic and just the right chilli kick. It is delicious with everything and manages to transform the most bland food into something utterly scrumptious.


I cannot think of another sauce Ive tried that goes well with everything! I've eaten the Sichuan Chilli Oil with Chinese and Indian cuisine, use it to make eggs, put it in my salads. It always adds that extra zing. Absolutely love it!!


Best I’ve ever had!

I Bought these at the same time as the chicken and prawn ones They are really really good! They are really light and flavourful. A wonderful alternative to the meat version. Again go really well with the chilli oil and sambals. A real freezer must have

Loved these! I knew when Mel & the curious elephant team launched them they would be great - and i wasnt disappointed! Great to have in the freezer and really easy to make. Perfect with the chilli oil or tomato sambal!


I absolutely love this! Pairs very well with a variety of different cuisines and elevates dishes beautifully. Definitely will repurchase once I run out.

Amazing Dumplings!!

The dumplings were amazing. easy to prepare, the flavours were wonderful and really enjoyable with the chilli oil. A big hit!!


I've been wanting to try these dumplings since Curious Elephant started making them, and wow! Have always loved the intensity and richness of the flavors put together in their sauces, and these dumplings incorporate that in their filling. Loved them!

Very tasty

This is such great stuff that I feel bad most of the jar has simply been spooned on to rice cakes 😅

Yum dumplings!

Shiitake and edamame dumplings are hands down the whole family's favorite!

These deliciously plump and sweet dumplings are deserving of the Curious Elephant Chilli Oil. Both must have home staples.

A freezer staple

Deliciously light dumplings making for a freezer staple at any time. These make for some of my favourite ready-to-make dumplings.

Chilli Trio Pack
Nicola Trotter
Chili Trio Pack

Great gift for the chili lover 🎁 ….includes all the favorites, so you don’t need to choose!
Prompt & reliable delivery.
Beautiful packaging, always with a personal message ! 🥰

A must try!

I've always been a big fan of Curious Elephant sauces since I tried them back in 2020. Their latest sauce, Indonesian Tomato Sambal, is definitely on my top list of sauces to try. The citrus and sour flavours are great with any fish dish but my latest obsession is adding it on to my congee which reminds me of having Bubur Ayam (Balinese Congee).

The best chili oil I’ve ever had

This Chilli oil tastes good with everything, the level of spice and flavor is perfect. I would highly recommend it if you want to add a little bit of spice and taste to your food. I have it with rice and meat most of the time and it just makes everything 100 times better and it always complements the food you’re eating it with.

Excellent and Authentic

This chilli oil is the best that you can get in Dubai by a long way. It is very close to a brand of chilli oil that I used to ask friends to bring back from China. I think that it goes particularly well with stir-fried noodles - it accentuates the flavour and adds a nice kick to the dish. I'm sure that my purchasing records at Curious Elephant show that I go through at least a bottle a month! Very highly recommended

Hi Christopher, Thank you so much for your kind review and for your continuous support from the beginning. Mel and The Curious Elephant xxx

Lunch best companion

Doesn’t matter what i eat, i always try as much as possible to mix it with this chili. I love the taste and the level of heat just perfect!!

Thank you for your feedback Fiona!! It's becoming a staple in your household :)

Undoubtedly the best Chilli oil I've ever had!

Absolutely love these sauces! I order them all regularly. The Chilli oil is my absolute favorite. I love putting it on eggs, pasta, and pretty much everything. The Chilli Sambal is also amazing especially with fried rice and Thai food. Delivery is also quick and packaged with care. Can't recommend them enough!

Thanks Mia for always supporting us! We appreciate your feedback and hope to get to meet you one day :)


The chili sambal is incredible, and elevates any dish. Tastes great with rice, fried rice or even with chicken!
A must must buy!

This is amazing to hear!! Thank you for taking your time to leave us a review Sydelle :)

Can’t get enough

This stuff is so good! Delicious on it’s own and to use when cooking. Love it on the side of some white rice or for quick stir fries. Major umami vibes.

Thank you Trish!! We're so happy to hear that.

The Best !!!

Love it ! Love it !

There has a to be a bottle of the Chilli Sambhal on our table at every meal, sometimes even at breakfast ! Excellent taste & quality of product. Another order on the way :-)

Hi Alphonsa,
You are definitely one of our top fans!! Thank you so much for your feedback and showing us new ways to pair it with South Indian meals. Hope to see you soon.
Mel and The Curious Elephant xxx